TBC Gym Newsletter – 4 February 2011

by admin on February 4, 2011


Welcome to the latest issue of our newsletter.  There’s news of a great new self-defense class, as well as a healthy chocolate mousse recipe, plus articles on how ginger could help relieve muscle soreness, how to psych yourself up for a better workout, and simple tips for strength training.  There’s also news of our longer hours on a Sunday and a quick poll.  Stay healthy and look after yourself!   The TBC Gym Team

It’s lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself.”

-Muhammad Ali

Combined Defensive Training Classes at TBC Gym NEW CLASS

Combined Defensive Training is a new class to be held twice a week that teaches you defensive techniques as used by the FBI, Israeli Defense Force and ASIO.

How to psych yourself up for a better workout at the gym TIPS

For those times that you find it difficult to get going at the gym, or even get to the gym at all, try these quick tips to help psych yourself up.

TBC Gym is opening longer on Sundays HOURS

As we continue to improve the experience at the gym for our members, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve extended our Sunday opening hours.

Healthy chocolate mousse dessert recipe RECIPE

If you like to watch your weight but have a bit of a sweet tooth also, why not try this Chocolate Mousse recipe.

strength training tips TIPS

Here’s a basic guide to strength training.

Poll - which group class would you most like to see added to TBC Gym's morning timetable POLL

Take our quick poll and let us know what class you’d most like to see added to our morning timetable.

Sore muscles?  Try ginger HEALTH

Can ginger really relieve muscle soreness?

19 Jan 2011 TbC Gym Newsletters PREVIOUS NEWSLETTER

Did you miss the last newsletter?  You can read the latest edition, and those before by clicking on the image.

To Be Continued…

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