Suggestion Box Update

by admin on February 8, 2011

We want to thank everyone for their comments and ideas thus far, and we urge all of our members to write down their suggestions and put them in the Suggestion Box which is located in the locker area.

We’re truly listening, and are pleased to be putting words into action:

- We are installing a water fountain with strict hygiene requirements, including alcohol wipes to keep the spout clean and germ free.

- The air conditioning system is controlled through a central unit in the Entertainment Quarter. The centre has completed a large amount of work on the system and we should start to see a huge improvement in this area.

- We have put safety pins on all of the locker keys – great suggestion and thank you for that.

- There will also be photos of some very beautiful ladies going on the gym wall soon to help our female members to get that bit of extra inspiration to train hard.

- We have made spray on deodorant available in the change rooms, replacing the roll-on deodorant (please remember not to take them with you!)

- Extra fans have been placed throughout the gym.

Great suggestions so please keep them coming!

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