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by admin on November 9, 2010

It’s a daunting experience opening ourselves up to potential negative criticism, however, this concern is far outweighed by our genuine desire to provide a great place for us all to work-out and work.

We’re anxious but excited as we positively believe that in the last 4 weeks we’ve made some significant strides forwards, and judging by the feedback our members are giving us, we all seem to agree.

So…here we go…there’s no right or wrong answers, just be as honest and open as you can as this is how we’ll ALL see great results long into the future!

TBC Gym really appreciate your time in filling in this form!

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MONDAY lunchtimeBox Fit is at 12.30pm downstairs with Dale.

TUESDAY morning: Cycle/Spin at 7.00am in the dedicated cycle room.
TUESDAY lunchtime: Pilates at 12.30pm in the studio room with Rebecca Smith (Bec)
TUESDAY evening: “Hard Core – Power Fit” at 6pm with Matt Wilson. Meet at reception.*

WEDNESDAY morningYoga at 7am with Sharna in the studio room
WEDNESDAY lunchtime: Box Fit at 12.30pm with Dale downstairs.

THURSDAY lunchtimePilates at 12.30pm in the studio room with Rebecca Smith (Bec)
THURSDAY evening: “Hard Core – Power Fit” at 6pm with Matt Wilson. Meet at reception.*

FRIDAY lunchtimeYoga with Sharna at 12.30pm in the studio room

SATURDAY morningCycle/Spin at 9.30am with Chris Davey in the dedicated cycle room.  Saddle up for a fun ride!

SUNDAY: coming soon…

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Chris November 10, 2010 at 9:03 pm

I can’t help but feel the new class timetable leaves the full time workers out of the loop. Most of them are during the day or in the afternoon. I don’t know what kind of numbers you pull in the daytime but I really only do weeknights and weekends. I have always thought a Sunday arvo yoga class would be ideal, but Sunday’s seem to be left by the wayside.

I find the staff tend to sit around and chat (the front desk staff, it’s like a mothers club!). I have struggled to try and use machines before and felt like I am interrupting a conversation to ask for help. I think it would be good to have them walking around the floors, checking on people.

Also, from a marketing perspective, i think the website could do with a regular newsletter type publication. With tips on training, nutrition, tips, news etc. Make the gym have a more community feel.

And lastly, please please please don’t turn it into anything even mildly resembling Fitness First. They are the devil! Make people feel welcome and not intimidated.

Perhaps reward long-time members? take down their birthdays, send them a voucher for something in the gym. It can’t hurt. People will pay more and come more if stuff like that is implemented.


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