No Towel, No Training

by admin on November 29, 2010

We are totally committed to providing our members with the highest standards of hygiene possible and we have been working hard to improve hygiene levels across the board.

In our push to make the Gym as clean and safe as we can for everyone we are taking a series of measures including:

  • the installation of hygiene stations throughout the Gym,
  • new sensor soap dispensers at the bathroom sinks,
  • new top of the line soap dispensers in every shower.

These installations are taking place this coming Friday afternoon.

We are also implementing a no towel =no training policy which will start on Monday, December 6. This is non-negotiable policy as we all need to work together in making the gym as healthy and hygienic as possible. You can bring your own towel or you can hire one at the Gym for just $3.00.

No Towel, No Training

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