1: Personalised Service and Customised Solutions

We want to emphasise our interest in each individual member by facing them with the four most important questions that were used to found TBC all those years ago. Every TBC staff member is genuinely interested in the members, their preferences, and their progress. We believe that professional guidance is a key component for success and satisfaction. We understand that every one of us is unique and has different needs, goals, and budgets. All of these elements require modified solutions and will be met with the greatest of care.

2: One-of-a-kind Unique Atmosphere and Unmatched Ambience

TBC through its services, will strive to provide – and just as importantly maintain – a special atmosphere at the facility that is comfortable as well as non-intimidating in order for members to feel cared for and to ensure they are going to enjoy the time they spend here, regardless of the intensity of their workouts. Current and future TBC incentives will create the unique environment catering for both body and mind exercise not available anywhere else!

3: Customised State-of-the-Art Equipment

Creating leading edge equipment is both an art and a science. All of our equipment at TBC incorporate an array of advanced and unique bio-mechanic features to satisfy even the most demanding athlete, yet still make the first time user feel confident and comfortable.

4: Results through Relationships

TBC will provide lifestyle opportunities for members to come together and form friendships and relationshiups that make our club experience more enjoyable and fulfilling, instead of the club being simply just a gym.

5: Immaculately Clean Premises

TBC will ensure that all exercise equipment, floor surface, and amenities are kept impeccably clean at all times. This is the home of TBC and will be treated as such with the utmost of care!

Being part of TBC does not simply give you access to a standard health and fitness club. TBC understands that every one of us is unique and has different needs, goals, and budgets. We understand this only too well! All of these elements require individually customised solutions and are met with the greatest of care.

TBC possesses the necessary knowledge, resources and most importantly, the experience to take you to the upper limits of human potential and, in return, you will discover more of your own true potential to get fitter in a healthy way that you can enjoy for many years to come.

The value we give can be measured in the quality of the provisions you receive from being part of TBC. We have systems in place that enhance all aspects of life through better fitness, both physical and mental. Without doubt, this is a need that should take priority over any other jurisdictional considerations!

This is the reason we have created TBC. The reality is that often the answer to success lies in simply applying sound and basic fundamentals each and every day. Think about this and enjoy life, eat healthy food, live in balance, attack your goals with great enthusiasm and energy, always aim to do your best, always consider your health as your number one priority, and choose a positive attitude accompanied by pure motivation.

As already mentioned, at TBC we believe that the three most important components required to achieve successful health and fitness are to be reached through an Educated Approach, Fun, and The Right Attitude.

“Success is neither magical or mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.” Jim Rohn

Every small step we are going to take will help you feel better about yourself and will positively affect your health, well-being, and body. So, please come and join us in sharing some of our passion to see, feel, and enjoy the difference we can create together for your benefit through Total Body Conditioning…