Just Add Water – TBC Stocking Trendy Eco Water

by admin on November 22, 2010

Simple name, simple concept, great benefits.

You may have noticed some new, cool looking bottles in the TBC Gym fridges. Well, they’re “ADD WATER” – 100% pure Australian spring water, but that’s only the beginning.

First the water, which is sourced 1000 feet above sea level from the pristine mountains of the Central Coast of New South Wales. Filtered through thousands of layers of sandstone, the altitude means that you derive all of the benefits of oxygenation.

And at the heart of the Add Water concept is it’s genuine interest in protecting the environment. They quite rightly say that “good planets are hard to find” and is why they not only donate to a number of eco-projects, but they’re bottle as well as being designed to fit snugly in your hip pocket, is made from PLA which is a renewable resource derived from plants and not oil. In simpler terms, it means that it won’t end up in a landfill!

What else is there to say but try one next time you’re at the gym!

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