Group Classes: It’s the Taking Part that Counts!

by admin on February 17, 2011

If you’ve never taken part in a group class, often looked at one thinking it may be something that could be interesting, or maybe even you weren’t confident to take part.

Well, when it comes to fitness, taking part ALWAYS counts, and you’ll see the health benefits rapidly and have a great time doing so.  Being part of a group helps your motivation as you’re part of a community, all in it together!

We’re working hard to give a great mix of classes so that there’s something for everyone, including a number of Martial Arts classes which you’re unlikely to find at other gyms.

Group Classes are great for fitness, allowing you to workout be motivated by fellow members

The following classes are FREE, included in your membership.  Just click on the link to learn more.

The cost of these classes are additional as they are “Schools” based out of TBC Gym – but what a great opportunity to be part of a Martial Arts School under the TBC Gym roof!

We’re constantly updating and improving our timetable, so keep checking in to see what’s on offer.  You can also download the latest schedule.

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