Darius Alligan

The Profile of TBC Gym Personal Trainer, Darius Alligan:

Darius has a global knowledge having widely travelled to learn from various Masters of sport and fitness. The knowledge he has acquired brings revolutionary techniques to his clients not commonly acquired by today’s trainers. A sample of his pursuits sees him as a qualified trainer in the Pose Method of Running and recently he has acquired the Pose Movement Level 1 – the only person in Australia. In addition he is a Latvian trained Kettle Bell coach and Nutritional advisor. This insight and knowledge has allowed him to develop his own long-term training model and uphold his belief that training is about educating and empowering his clients to long-term health and wellbeing as well achieving results!

Mar 09: Shoulder Stabilization
Jan 09: Health Consultant
Dec 07: Optimizing Core Function

Pose Movement Specialist
Aug 08: Level 1

Pose Method of Running
Aug 06: Level 1
Aug 08: Level 2

Fitness Australia
Oct 07: Cert 3 & 4

Feb 06: National Club Instructor
Feb 06: National GS Instructor
Feb 06: International GS Instructor
Australia’s representative for the IUKL (International Union Kettle bell Lifting)

David Beals
May 07: Restore Functional Breathing with Capnography

Gary Gray
Oct 06: Chain Reaction Transformation, San Diego

Sport EX
Sept 06: The Myofascial Matrix Conference

Performance Stability/Kinect
Jan 05: Module 3
June 04: Module 2
Jan 04: Module 1

Paul Chek
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
May 03: Level 1, 2 & 3
Nov 02: Scientific Back Training
Sep 02: Functional Exercise for the Medical Practitioner

YMCA Personal Trainer Award
Jan 09:12 Modules

Les Mills
May 98: Body Pump Instructor

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